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Since"¦ "EVE" It's a Woman's World, was written by the contemporary Irish woman Eavan Boland. The poem is about how though the ages "women" have remained and have been treated the same.

Eavan starts off the poem by saying " Our way of life has hardly changed since a wheel first whetted a knife." I believe Ms. Boland is talking about the female, and how she hasn't changed much since the beginning of time. Then on lines 5-17 Eavan writes some fact and opinion to back up her viewpoint. She gives off sarcasm by saying "Well, maybe flame burns more greedily and wheels are steadier but where're the same." She is telling us that the human existence has evolved not in mind and body, but in his inventions to make life easier and more lax. Her outlook on the female life is very interesting. She posses as some one very outgoing and opinion minded.

The authoress goes on by saying that even through the ages a woman has never been the scene of the crime. She backs that off by jotting, "So when the king's head gored the basket"”grim harvest"”we were gristing bread or getting the recipe for a good soup to appetize our gossip." Here she is saying that the ladies have always had an innocent appeal. I agree with Eavan on that point. It is true that through time women have never really been part of any major crimes. That is not to say however that the fem is voraciously innocent. There are some women that have committed "ungodly" acts.

In the last 17 lines of the poem she continues to back up her viewpoint. It sounds as if she is writing a "Commentary Poem." Her last opinion totally wraps up her whole poem wonderfully. She writes, "But appearances still reassure: That woman there, craned to the starry mystery is merely getting a breath of evening air." I feel she is trying to say that any female who makes it big in life must have worked like a dog. This is probably because there is a male dominion in our society. But then she finishes the poem by saying, "while this one here"”her mouth a burning plume"”she's no fire-eater, just my frosty neighbor coming home. I think she means that for the ordinary woman, the one that doesn't "eat fire," is just another example that women kind hasn't changed much since Adam and "EVE."