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In 1692, men and women were being hung because they were accused of being

witches. What was the evidence? Well, it was what the citizens called unusual behavior. A

few sick children in Salem, Massachusetts went to the doctor and when the doctor couldn't

diagnose the children, he assumed it was witchcraft. When his theory got out, rumors

spread like wild fire. People claiming they saw "witches flying through the winter mist." So

why is it that we aren't still hanging people? Of course, now you and I know that what the

children probably had was a case of the flu. The difference between us and the citizens of

Salem is that we have the facts about medicine that they didn't. The moral being you should

know the facts before making any decisions, because in the end you may be the one who

looks unjust.

Everyone in this room has experienced some degree of gender assignment.


those of you who don't know, Gender assignment refers to the decision made to designate

a newborn as either male or female. Along with the assignment, you receive society's

expectations of who you should be. This would be your gender role. Ordinarily, most

people experience themselves as male or female and express themselves in ways

accepted by society. Children's psychological development, including their senses of

gender and of identity depend on how they interact with care givers in the first years of life.

Some of these may be that women should not play football and men should have short hair.

It has been proven that constant blows to the chest may result in breast cancer. This is an

empathic reason, but what's wrong with men who have long hair? Some of these beliefs

don't have any facts behind them. Many of these beliefs...