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A TALE OF TWO CITIES- SACRIFICE It was a rough time during the late 1700's for most of the world. In France, the lower class were starving and had a terribly tough life. The upper class lived life with fewer problems and had more free time to entertain themselves. These classes fought each other for years until the lower class finally got fed up and the revolution began. During the revolution people lost focus of the purpose and goals and became blood thirsty, greedy and conniving people. In A Tale of Two Cities there are many characters that resurrect, sacrifice and show courage during this horrific time. These heroic deeds opened peoples eyes and displayed love and devotion to humanity that turns the tide of the revolution.

Throughout the novel Dickens uses a theme of resurrection or recalled to life. Dr. Manette spent eighteen years in the Bastille (prison). After all those years he seemed as if he was buried alive.

It was Lucie (Dr. Manette's daughter) who resurrects him with love and laughter and eventually he re-joins society. Charles Darnay was recalled to life at his treason trial where he was acquitted of his conviction; if he was guilty he would have been killed. He is recalled to life again when he is arrested foe the second time and found guilty. It was a certain death but Sydney Carton switches places with him (look alike). Sydney Carton is resurrected from a useless existence to a purposeful one because of his changing spots with Carton. "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."(374). For the first time Carton feels like he has done something right...