Sad Times, Author:Jose.

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Jose Espitia

Period 3

Sad Times

You ask me if, I remember what happen the day of the accident. I pause and take a big gulp. It was a bright day. I can still picture all the students cheering. it was the biggest game of the season, and we were down by six, with only 30 seconds to go.

"Set hike!", I yelled. My teamates were tumbling like pins in a bowling game, but I saw one guy. It was Stevey McBrian, the worst player on our team. He was running to the touchdown line and I was running out of time. So I passed it. That pass felt like a school day that would never end. Suddenly the crowd got quiet as the ball was flying.

"Beep, Beep!" the alarm beeped.

"Nice, Max", you say. "Maybe we can talk more tommorow."

I just nod.

I go back to my room and look out the window.

The parking lot had only one brown car today, but usually at this time they would have atleast three cars. Seems like I have no life in this foresaken hospital. The only enjoyment is T.V. So I turned it on, and flipped to ESPN. Heh, they were talking about me. 18 year old, high school football player loses scholarship, because of an alcohol relative accident. They said I would be one of the greatest, but I doubt that was true because I know people that are ten times better then me. But they were'nt as smart as me. I was supposed to goto college, but I lost my only way of getting there. And I can't even pay for college because I'm unemployed. I couldn't take it anymore so I turned off the television.

It was 10:18 and I was late to my...