A safe child care environment

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I believe in protecting the future generation; this is the way I chose to write my paper based on the policies and procedures of the child care facility. A safe child care environment (in my belief) assures that children can move around a hazard free area where the potential for injuries is kept to a minimum. Also I do trust that the care giver knows the developmental stages of children growth in order to provide a safe, supervised and/or fearless environment.

Here are some safety rules in child care facilities that are necessary to prevent accidents. The source of this information comes from-Caring For Children by Henry and Wanda Draper.

Caregivers should always check identification of those they are not familiar with to verify authorization to pick children up.

Electrical outlets should be covered with safety latches or dummy plugs.

Harmful supplies such as medicines, cleaning agent, and insecticides should be locked in a cabinet or stored in containers out of the children's reach.

In order to provide a protective environment, it is mandatory that the care-giver will be prepared for the unexpected. There should always be a First Aid Kit available. The kit must include the following:- soap, adhesive bandages, cold packs pencil and notepad, sterile gauze squares, alcohol wipes or antiseptic and scissors just to name a few. (Items required by FAC 65C-22.004 (3) ©)

I was informed that a child's response to his/her injuries depends greatly on the behavior of the adults and others around them, so if the adult is yelling and running around in a scared and confused state the child will probably react with panic and hysteria. Here are some guidelines to follow that will help calm an injured child.

Talk to the child at eye level

Treat the child as a...