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Most companies use these same main components in safety and health program as the Marriott do such as

They identify and communicate what the hazards are

The company re-enforce safe practices

They promote safety issues a lot within the company.

The managers, supervisors along with the HR department pull a meeting together, they discuss potential problem relates to safety, they then broke down each job into what all the basic elements are and then they rate what may be for potential arm and injury. The company also studies past accidents to see which job description or department has more incidents and with these entire put together the company then develop a health and safety plan that meets OSHA requirements.

OSHA is involved in the program the company has by conducting inspection wit and in the company. They make unannounced visits to ensure that all the compliance of OSHA requirements are been met.

OSHA officers look mainly into four things:

The company records are been viewed for deaths, injuries and illnesses. OSHA requires this kind of record keeping at all companies

The OSHA officer is then accompanied by a representative of the company and conducts a "walk-Thru' tour or the premises, the officer then notes any conditions that may violate specific published standards or the less specific general duty clause.

The OSHA officer may also conducts interviews with the employees which may take place during the tour, at this time any employee who may know of any violations can bring it to the representative attention.

Finally, in a close meeting the OSHA compliance officer discusses the findings with the company representative noting any violations.

Following the inspection OSHA gives the company ample time to correct the violations identified, and if there is a violation...