Safety on construction site

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You are about to visit a construction site. It will be your first visit to this site. Describe how you would approach the site from a SAFETY point of view; identify the likely hazards you may encounter and what precautions you can take to minimise the risk of injury to others and yourself.

Safety assignment

The construction industry has a not so good reputation in health and safety having 70% of people killed in their first two weeks of visiting a live site. In order to put this in the past I must know exactly what to do when visiting a live site for the fist time. This report will be describing how to approach the site from a safety point of view identifying likely hazards and precautions to take to minimise injury to others and myself.

Before I get to the live site there are factors I would have to take into consideration even before entering the site

·Where am I going on the site?

·What are my tasks?

·Obtain the correct equipment e.g.

tools, materials and safety clothing

·Make sure I understand the company working policies and safety documents.

·Making sure I am aware of likely hazards within my area e.g. opening in floors, moving machines and others working around me.

Only then can I be sure of all immediate danger I might be in entering the site.

If protective clothing is to be worn, protective steel capped boots and protective hard helmet have to be worn, I would make sure I put them on before entering the site. If eye protection is to be worn it is my duty to provide myself with a good pair of protective goggles.

On getting to the site I would report to the site manager in the site office and also...