Saint Francis : Living by the Gospel

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Saint Francis : Living by the Gospel

When people hear the name Saint Francis, they are reminded of a great man who loved

nature, animals, the poor, poetry, and most of all, God. His sanctity comes from not only his love

for all of God's creatures and creations, but also in his love for the crucified Christ, his

faithfulness to the church and his dedication to Jesus' commandments. From his caring for the

poor to his passionate and devoted times of prayer, Saint Francis' actions were gestures of

worship. He desired and wanted to emulate Jesus Christ in all the things he did by living out the

Gospel and inviting and teaching many others to do the same. His life, a mixture of the

meditative and the active, is a perfect model of how Christians should strive to live.

Saint Francis referred to himself as a "spouse of the Holy Spirit." He believed that being

with Jesus was a love affair. To further improve his rapport with God, he would often leave and

go to a secluded place to pray to God and to contemplate on God. According to Saint

Bonaventure, " Prayer was his sure refuge in everything he did; he never relied on his own

efforts, but put his trust in God's loving providence . . ." Prayer and communication to God was

Francis' principal comfort. He believed that prayer was the fountain of strength for his faith. God

was his friend and his shelter, on whom he could throw all of his burdens and troubles. He was

entirely reliant on God and he understood that prayer is a key part and is required to make

progress in God's service. In fact, prayer was the first spiritual exercise his friars...