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The film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? started a film revolution. The film used live acting as well animation. The quality and smoothness of the film is exceptional considering that that certain film making technique had never been done before. The film takes place in the 1940's and portrays a story about a toon named Roger Rabbit being framed for murder by a diabolical judge named Doom with a secret agenda. The film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? accurately portrays the 1940's.

The 1940's was full of discrimination between whites and other races such as african americans, jews, and hispanics. In the film this discrimination is acuratly portrayed. Not between blacks and whites, but between humans and toons. Toons are fictional characters from cartoons. In the film toons are discriminated against by humans. Toons are thought of as never being serious and always joking around. One instance of discrimination was the scene where donald duck and daffy duck were playing pianos.

The club was humans only toons could only entertain and serve the humans.

Public transportation was big in urban areas during the 1940's. Public transportation was a big part of the plot for the film. The red car was a trolly organization that got people around the city. Doom bought the red car only to dismantle it so his highway system would be popular. The red car system was how Eddy Valient the private investagator got around town.