Saints, Saint-hood, and their effect on humankind.

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How did the work of the saints affect the people of the time? The work of

the saints affected the people of that time

in incredible ways and in some instances there work is still affecting us

now. In the following essay there will be

various Saints listed with there accomplishments and brief description of

there past. One of the more popular Saints

of our time, was Saint Nicholas, who became a Christian prelate that

lived in the late 4th century. Patron saint of

Russia, traditionally associated with Christmas celebrations. He was a

native of Patara, formerly a city in the Asia

Minor. Nicholas entered the nearby monastery of Sion and afterward

became archbishop of the metropolitan church

in Myra, Lycia. He is said to have been imprisoned during the

persecutions of Emperor Diocletian and to have

attended the first Council of Nicaea. At the end of the 11th century some

Italian merchants transported his remains

from Myra to Bari, Italy, where his tomb is now a shrine.

Nicholas is the

patron saint of children, scholars, virgins,

sailors, and merchants, and in the Middle Ages he was regarded by

thieves as their patron saint as well. Legend tells

of his hidden gifts to the three daughters of a poor man who was unable

to give them dowries, was about to

abandon them to prostitution. From this tale has grown the custom of

secret gifts on the Eve of Saint Nicholas.

Because of the close proximity of dates, Christmas and Saint Nicholas's

Day(Dec.6) are now celebrated

simultaneously in many countries. Santa Claus is physically known as

being overweight, jolly, and being bearded has

the exact physical, and the same personality as Saint Nicholas. It is

thought that this figure that is loved by almost

every little child in the world...