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Salah al- Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub was born in 1138 in the town of Takrit. His family was Kurdish. He was very modest and cultured. He held Islam together during its hardest times of attack. No other Muslim has done as much as he has done. He was small with a charming smile, quite and cultured in his speech. He also had a tough hand to play. Saladin was the most respected man of his times by the men who really knew him. He was from Syria, a Sunni state, trying to rule Egypt, a Shiite country, which was hard, but he was tough and strong. He was held in high respect for all of us. The Christians thought that if someway he was Christian it would be an honor to serve him, and he would be the noblest prince in the world. "No previous leader has ever shown himself more generous to his soldiers, or more gentle to the poor of any nation he had control of."

It was typical for Saladin to pay half of the ransom of any of his knights. He also gave the spoils for any city he conquered and took to his emirs.

One day he went to greet pilgrims returning from Mecca. That night he retuned, he got sick and sat in his death bed. On Wednesday, March 3, 1193, he died from a comma. "So passed a gentle warrior, a man of simple taste and great chivalry." Saladin looked farther than a man's belief and into his heart. He respected the Christian faith and never broke his word once it was given. After his death he had influence many Arab rulers.