Salaries and its Effects on Workplace

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Salaries and Its Effects on Workplace

Alexander Brito

Hodges University


Dr. Ellen Fangman

August 23, 2011



Salaries play an important role on our professional life. Every person expects to be well paid for doing the job assigned. People feels that the best motivation to get a job done is the salary they are about to receive. Depending on the type of job that is required, salaries follows a tabulation which indicates how much the worker have to receive. Everyone wants a job where they receive a fair treatment, and that includes receive the money they deserve based on their knowledge, type of job, activities asked to be done, and the time they use on the workplace. There are some careers that receive salaries they deserve, but others where the fairness between the job they do and the recompense does not exist.


Salaries and Its Effects on Workplace

Talking about issues in our workplace is not always the best topic to discuss. Usually, our job experience is not the best and we show how mad we are about it outside the workplace. There are a lot of things that make our job experience bad, but we live with all of these problems just because we need to keep our job. Commonly, workplace issues are related with salary. One of the biggest problems on our workplace is related with how much money we receive for our job. This is a big issue for people, because usually we stick to a position in an organization for the salary to keep paying our obligations. That could cause apathy for the job and with the economy of these days is more difficult to change the job. Talking about...