Salem witch hunt summary and desciption. For social studies.

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The Salem witch-hunt was a tragic event in our history. The people did not keep church and state separate. Instead they mixed them. They put religion in with government. People would blame other people about their own superstitions in life about witches, Satan, and anything abnormal. If anything went wrong in life, even if somebody had a sore throat they would point fingers at people and suspect superstitious things such as witchcraft. There is a link between the witch hysteria and how society tells people what is wrong, an example of that are people telling other people that being gay is wrong. I know that it is wrong because the Bible tells us Christians that but non-Christians don't agree and don't have to agree with us about these things because they don't believe the same things. We can't just tell gay people that they are wrong in what they do and have a reason they will believe.

With the Salem witch-hunt the government told the people what their religion could be. Now people would go to extremes like killing people for being gay.

In The Malice of Hell: Satan Comes to Salem, there was a slave who had taught young girls about witchcraft; soon this group began to grow. The girls started having things happen to them as if there were demons in them. The whole thing ended up getting out of control. They started charging everybody with being involved with witchcraft and selling their soul to Satan. "The witch hysteria was symptomatic of the age, a time when people were plagued with superstitions and monstrous fears-fears of the unknown, of demons, and of the devil-which spawned religious persecutions and witch hunts on both sides of the Atlantic." The Malice of Hell: Satan Comes to Salem can...