Sales Framework for Milford Industries-Capital District Region.

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The Capital District Region is a vibrant area which has quite a potential as per the data collected but due to some reasons the performance is lagging behind the national average.

The primary reasons for this underperformance are low employee morale, high turnover and poor efficiency. Hence, we need to address these issues at the earliest and identify the high and low performers among the sales force in order turnaround the situation.

We need to critically evaluate the performance of the individual sales agents so as to identify the loopholes and plug them accordingly. Following are some of the metrics on the basis of which we evaluate individual sales agents and accordingly we need to make changes with respect to allocation of areas, sales targets etc.

Performance Metrics

The performance metrics of sales agents has been developed on four parameters namely:

- Performance

- Efficiency

- Business Development

Finally these metrics should be assigned Weightage and accordingly the sales agents are ranked and suitable territories be allocated.


Sales H1 (83) to H1 (82)

The ratio compares sales in first half year sales in 1983 to that of 1982. This indicates the performance of the sales agents. This would indicate the potential of the agent and the ability to harness sales potential in an area.

Higher the ratio better it is.

Sales/Active Account

This measures the sales skills of the agent , how far is the salesman able to push his products to his clients.

Higher the ratio better it is.

Active/Potential Accounts

This compares the activity of the salesman, also measures whether the sales agent is able to convert potential in to actual sales.

Higher the ratio better it is.

Sales per unit area of Territory

This ratio measures the amount of sales over per unit area of territory.