Sales Management Strategies.

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Every sales organization has certain management strategies they use in order to successfully run the sales and marketing team. Strategies are defined as the plans of action to achieve the objectives. These strategies may include entering new markets or covering existing markets more intensely. The Three strategies that this paper will cover will be building long term customer relations, increasing sales force motivation and using multiple sales channels to sell successfully.

Building long term customers

Building long term customer relations is one strategy that can be used to successfully manage your sales team. Some organizations use this method to develop new clients. It's the idea that it might be worth spending a little more to bring in a new customer, because over tome that customer will spend with you again and again. This only happens if the organization is there for them. If the company shows they care about the customers needs and wants and not just about the money being gained the customer will feel appreciated and will want to keep doing business with company.

The sales force tactics that a sales manager might use to implement this strategy would be to stress missionary selling in sales and supervision and to also stress salary element in the sales reps compensation plan. A disadvantage to using this strategy would be that when first establishing new customers you might lose out on profit, however a advantage to using this strategy would be that after you have built you customer base the sales will come to you instead of you looking for sales. An example of an organization that might use this strategy would be a new small business entering the market such as a third party cell phone dealer.

Increasing Motivation

The desire to expend effort to fulfill a need is...