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Career Profile: Sales Manager A sales manager runs a firm's sales programs with the objective of making the maximum profit. He makes the procedures and training programs for sales people. A sales manager has to assign sales territories and goals to sales representatives. He evaluates and hires the sales staff. He interprets and enforces company policies, prepares business reports, and helps the staff solve problems. He needs to analyze the sales statistics in order to determine the sales potential and determine the needs of customers. All purchase requests must be approved by the sales manager. The sales manager maintains contact with dealers and distributors. He has to deal with all customer and staff complaints.

Additional information be found in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Other information can be found in a book titled 7 Secrets to Successful Sales Management. This book can be ordered by writing to: Wilner & Associates, Inc P.O.

Box 266335 Weston, FL 33326. You can also write: The Essentials of Management Information Systems 223 Highland Boulevard Ossining, NY 10562. You can find additional information online from The Sales and Marketing Management Magazine at You can also go online and get information from Metler Sales Management at There are some main skills needed for this career. You need good reasoning to understand concepts and systems, solve problems, use judgment, understand and carry out instructions, and adapt to social work environments. Mathematical skills are also needed to analyze statistics. Some examples include algebraic equations, fractions, percentages, and ratios. The last main skill needed is language. This is needed in order to read poems and journals, write business letters and summaries, and participate in panel discussions. It involves basic skills such as a mastery of extensive vocabulary and use of correct sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. There are...