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In the sales world there are many different situations, customers, and products. This tends to confuse the newest of sales staff. For this reason I am supplying a very simple sales process I learned along my way. This will allow anyone to be able to sale anything. The first step you want to do is build repore with your customer. Building repore includes getting to know your customer and opening the way for building trust. You can do this by talking about something in common such as if they have kids with them talk about the family life. This establishes some very basic needs in a sales relationship. You gain the customers trust as well as set your self up to leading into the next stage. Here you qualify your customer. Asking objective questions about their needs does this. This provides you information that will allow you to fit them into the right product as a solution.

After qualifying your customer you must present the product. Showing the customer exactly how your product will fit and meet their needs as a solution gives you the ability for the next stage. The final and most important stage is asking for the sale. Confirming the production meets all the customers needs and asking them if they are ready to purchase do this. The major rule here is if you never ask you will never know when they are ready to buy. Which would result in a lost sale. With these simple steps anyone can adapt them to their own sales strategy and needs.