Sales Proposal

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Sales Proposal

Lee Johnston III


Stephen Strader

Executive Summary

XYZ is a sales company that specializes in online education software for Corporations and Universities. The online sales division of XYZ Company conducts business throughout the USA and Europe. Our sales force has over 1,000 salespeople trained to demo our products to corporations and universities.

After the last three months sales reported a decrease of 20% for online learning material. When news of this decrease was discovered, a team was formed to find the reasons behind the 20% decrease in sales.

The problem identified by the IT staff centers around the failure of computer hardware being utilized in the field by the company's salespeople. This is a critical situation in that the survival of the organization depends directly on each salesperson's ability to effectively demonstrate the company's product to potential customers. Salespeople report that laptops are slow to boot up and crash several times during product presentation.

One cannot stress the importance of computer reliability particularly when attempting to sell a computer-based product.

Through investigation of the situation, the IT staff has identified some contributing factors to the problem identified above. Most notably is the fact that many salespeople are downloading and installing unauthorized software on their company issued laptops. These are the same laptops, which are used to demonstrate the company's product. Viruses are another problem, which result in part from the download of files transmitted by e-mail to the salespeople. VPN users need more robust way of gaining network access than current systems.

To minimize costs we have proposed a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for our sales team. The purpose of the VPN is to allow sales to connect to our corporate network to retrieve updated presentations, submit expense reports and report sales to the corporate databases from...