Sally From The House On Mango Street

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What Sally Said He never hits me hard. I know that he only does it because he doesn't want me to disgrace our family"¦"¦ I was walking home from school when it happened. Peter came running around the corner like usual, not caring who he runs into. He rammed right into me. Making all of my books and papers fall to the sidewalk.

"Sorry," He said, "let me help you with those." "Thanks." It was then that I looked up to see Peter in a new light. His short brown wavy hair and his dark brown eyes. He had the build of a kid that grew up in hard times. Strong from bully's battles and a light skin from the not being in the sun. He was truly handsome.

Peter helped me with my things and offered to walk me home. We talked about a lot of things on our way to Mango Street. I started to feel like I could trust Peter with anything. He's probably one of the best of friends I will ever have.

After we talked about the little stuff (school, sports, etc), we started talking about more serious things. Like what it would be like to get away from Mango Street. Or to one day be the richest people in the world.

"I think that one day I will leave Mango Street," said Peter.

"But where will you go? How will you ever afford to leave?" "I'll go to college, become a famous lawyer and move to someplace wonderful." "I want to leave Mango Street, but not the same way." "How do you want to leave?" "I want to get married to a man. A man that I love and where the love is returned. He'll take me off to a huge house, away from Mango Street. Where we'll live in love and happiness forever." We had just arrived at my house when I finished my dream.

"If I became famous. I'd marry you and take you away from here," Peter said.

At that moment I felt such an attraction for Peter that I could not resist. I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you for walking me home." I left him there shocked while I walked up into my house to find my dad had been spying on me. At that moment he went crazy! He grabbed my arm and threw me down into the corner. He kept on raving.

Saying: "Not my daughter!!! Not my daughter!!!", over and over again. His hands were everywhere hitting me. On my arm my leg my eye.

I tried to scream but nothing came out. Only a tiny whistle of air.

Tomorrow when asked if he abuses me I already have my answer.

"He never hits me hard"¦"¦"