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Sally Ride was the first women in space. She is an accomplished student and author. Also has been on several flights to the moon, is respected as an astronaut, and professor. As you, can see she is many things and id very successful.

Ride was interested in science all the way from child hood and continued in science. Ride was

born in the small town of Encino, California on May 26, 1951. Her parents' names were Dr. Sarah Ride and Mr. Dale Ride. She had an early interest in science in junior high which shows when and how she started her success. Ride was also a great student in college. She graduated from Stanford in 1977. After her education, she excelled in her field. She joined the Stanford University's Center of International Security and Arms Control in 1987. She became head of the Space Institute of the University of California in 1989.

Ride has accomplished many things from her beginning in Encino, California to Stanford University.

Sally Ride has done amazing and extraordinary feats in her field of astronomy. Ride was the first woman in space! She flew on her first space mission for orbiting around the world on the 7th space mission in 1983. She also rocketed into space on the 13th space mission in 1984 for putting satellites into orbit. She has been in many groups that work in astronomy. In 1986, she served on the commission of the probing the Challenger space craft disaster. She became a proud member of the probing of the breakup of Columbia during reentry. After all her flights and amazing feats, she still works for the common good. As an author, she has written many books including To Space and Back, which tells about how it feels in space. She also educates...