Salomon Ski Marketing Strategy

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Target market and segmentation strategy Knowing that most of the 55 million skiers in the world live in Western Europe, North America and Japan and there are some minor markets exist in Eastern Europe, the target market would be in these countries. I would launch the skis first in Western European markets especially concentrating on Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Italy with a strong promotion program. After the first year's results I would go to North American, Japan and Eastern European markets. I think because of the new legal acts taking place this year that allow foreign investors to invest in socialist countries especially into Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia these countries' markets are also noticeable. In Poland, Yugoslavia and in Czechoslovakia there are many mountains good for skiing and if there will be some legal changes in these countries it would be a great success to be the first foreign brand entering to these markets.

The main objective of us is to earn a leading position in the medium to top segments of the market. I would target four segments of the total market, namely leisure, sport, professional and the junior segments. The leisure skiers who have a medium or advanced knowledge of skiing and ski just for recreation or to have fun represent 55 percent of the market. This would be our main segment targeted. The second most important is the sport segment. These are skiers who do not compete, but are more assertive on the slopes and they need Salomon products to have the feeling of perfection and professionalism. The next segment is the professionals, who really need the new technology, reliability and professionalism that Salomon products offered and can offer with the new Monocoque ski. The last segment is very small, though...