Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali is known for his artwork and is counted among many legendary figures of the 20th century. He has been committed to art work industry through filmmaking, sculpture, fashion, printmaking, writing and advertising. His famous works in filmmaking include Alfred Hitchcock and Luis Bunuel. There is a resemblance of Renaissance art in his works that indicates a religious symbolism and hyper realistic style (Briggs-Anderson, 10-11).


Salvador Dali is one of the legendary figures of Spain born on 11th May 1904. He is counted in the list of prolific and versatile art personalities of the 20th Century. Dali started practicing art at a very small age.

Seeing his talents, his parents encouraged him and sent him to an academy in Madrid where he learned firsthand about fine arts. He went to Paris where he communicated with Miro, Picasso and Magritte. He was expelled from the surrealist movement by Franco, the fascist leader of Spain, but never did he give his passion for painting. His first of the works were internationally identified in 1925 in Barcelona when he introduced Basket of Bread along with two other paintings. He also held the one man show when he went to Paris following year (Briggs-Anderson, 10-11).


The skills of Dali were known to everyone who had little interest in art work. His bizarre yet attractive work made him one of the unique artists in the history. When one looks at his paintings, he may come to know that he had strong connection towards...