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My Brother Sam is Dead Section 3: In the outcome of Tim's Dad dieing on a British prison ship worse has yet to come. Tim and his Mom have to go through a bitter cold winter with no supplies barely they had to take cows from people that owed them money to try to sell them to make money and live off of so they could keep the tavern open. They suffered through a lot a long as Sam.

Sam had stayed in the war because he loved the rush of running and shooting a gun. Well he was had very hard times in the winter having barely any food and loosing almost all his close. Lucky he survived because the general wanted to camp in the Town where Sam was from. Sam go to go because he had to show the general all around the town.

Once in a while Same would go and visit mother and Tim.

One night while he was on duty he snuck out of duty and went for a quick visit with his mother. As he was talking to her. They hear the cows going crazy. Tim and Sam ran out the door and tried to stop the thieves. Sam ran down the street and Tim ran to get the cows in the field. Sam go beat up and was brought back to the general. The 2 soldiers that brang him back made up a lie and told the general that they had caught Sam trey to steal the Cows when off duty to the general.

The General didn't like this at all. He sentenced Sam to be shot along with many others that would be killed just to make a point to the other soldiers not to get lazy and do there job. Tim tried everything he could he talked to almost all the generals to tell them what happened all of them just told him that they would see what they could do. His mother and Tim sat and played for many days and tried to get him out of punishment. Nothing could stop them and Sam was shot by three men in the back.

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