Sam Hughes and how he connects to Canadian soverinety, unity, identiity.

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Sam Hughes Video Exit Slip.

Canadian Sovereignty:

- Hughes encouraged men to sign up for the war voluntarily and created enthusiasm about Canadians going to war.

- Hughes sponsored the production of the Ross Rifle which he declared as the most accurate firearm and ordered the Canadian troops to use it during training. But when used in the trenches it jammed and wasn't able to be fired rapidly. This caused unnecessary Canadian casualties.

Canadian Unity:

- Since Sam Hughes encouraged many men to join the army, he carried the burden of splitting families apart. Most never saw their sons, husbands, or brothers again.

- Hughes discouraged the display of cultural differences in public through his newspaper, The Victoria News.

- Hughes decreed that all Canadian recruit camps be non-alcoholic. The military authorities did not approve of this because they knew that soldiers would drink outside the camps, in civilian canteens and this was outside the military control.

Many soldiers still drank on camps, in spite of this decree and other military personal did nothing to stop them.

Canadian Identity:

- General Sam Hughes provoked the used of the MacAdam Shovel, which was used as a shield as well as a shovel. It proved to be neither an effective shield nor a shovel, it cause the Canadian troops to seem like childish soldiers on the battlefield.

- Hughes also made Canadians look like egger fighters when such a large amount of men responded to the call to arms.

-The Valcartier Camp outside Quebec City was one of the great successes in General Sam Hughes life. It was built in under a month with a railroad leading to Quebec City and a large port for departing soldiers was also made during this time.