"Sam Walton: Made In America" by Huey, John, and Sam Walton.

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Sam Walton

Made In America

Andrew Schenk



Sam Walton, the entrepreneur behind the Wal-Mart retail chain, has worked hard and impacted many lives throughout the years. From his early days delivering newspapers to later owning several Ben Franklin stores, Sam Walton has worked hard to achieve everything he ever had.

Sam was raised with high morals and family values. As an adult his work life was very important to him, but at the same point Sam played a very active role in his family's life, in the community, and so on. Sam was a very active person reaching out to anyone he could. There are many things that I admire about Sam Walton, many of them being his influential leadership traits. Sam had a wonderful way of sharing his beliefs and dreams with anyone who would be willing to share in his visions.

Additionally Sam had a way with people that not many other people do. Everywhere he went he would talk with new people and make new friends. He had a gift with networking. Finally, Sam was extremely dedicated to everything he set his mind to. There were no goals to high for him, only reasons for him to try even harder.

Sam Walton built a company from the beginning when the idea behind a discount retailer was somewhat skeptical. He lived his life for the retail world and built all of his stores from this one philosophy: to sell everyday products for less. Sam Walton was a pioneer to the industry and has set the standards for many other organizations.�


Sam Walton, a genuine, hardworking American man has created much more than a store; he has created a culture and legacy. From the time Sam graduated...