Samaung China:The introduction of colour TV

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1: Executive summary3

2: Background of case;

3: Chinese business environment. 5

A: PEST analysis. 5

4: Chinese TV industry. 6

5: Participation of Samsung in China. 7

6: SWOT analysis. 8

7: Issues and Analysis. 10

A: Issue 1 10

B: Issue 2 12

C: Issue 3 14

8: Recommendations. 15

9: Conclusion. 15

11: References. 16


China is today's fastest growing economy in the world. China has gone through a transitional phase from an underdeveloped state to current situation of market conqueror. Samsung electronics is the Korean giant in the consumer electronics spreading its wings through out the world. This case deals with Samsung's problems in obtaining a dominant market share in the Chinese colour TV market. The study of this case focuses the business environment of Chinese colour TV industry with the help of PEST analysis and gives an idea about the strength's, weakness, opportunities and threats of Samsung by conducting SWOT analysis.

The main issues regarding the Samsung entry and operations in china were the problems faced while tackling the colour TV market and segmentation of the colour TV market based on product, customer and competition. To obtain the dominant market share Samsung challenge depends on its capability in selecting appropriate market segment and product line.

The main hurdles Samsung faced in the industry was of a late entrant, market saturation of the urban areas and improper product differentiation. The Chinese colour TV market was segmented into High end market containing of brand conscious people and low end market consisting of price sensitive people. The Samsung with its high capital inflow and technological advantage should target highly on the Niche market by selecting a group of potential customers from the complex web of market and frame its strategies...