Same-Sex Marriage

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Same-sex relationships are growing across the United States. As homosexual relationships are being formed many people remain prejudice against homosexuals and same-sex relationships.

Many Americans will continue to be prejudice towards homosexuals in our society. Harassing them and protesting against their right to be with the sex of their choice are just two of the many issues homosexuals face. In this section I will talk about how homosexual Americans are confronted with prejudice people on an everyday basis.

Lately, many states have been legalizing same-sex marriages, which has been a cause to controversy because the federal government does not recognize same-sex marriages. Considering there is a large increases in same-sex marriages/relationships, our children should be taught in a setting where marriages aren't only looked at as a woman and man relationship. In this section I will address the states legalizing same-sex marriages and how Americans should play a role in helping children adjust from having the mentality that marriage is strictly between a man and woman.

Parents and teachers play a vital role in a child's life. Therefore, they should be the ones to help them see that there is not only relationships between man and woman, but people can be with who ever they desire.

Although there are a great percentage of people against the idea of same-sex marriages, children should be taught to treat everyone equal. The American mentality that homosexuality is wrong brings us back to a time where African Americans and women were looked at to be inferior. The idea that America is a free country and we all share equal rights is diminished when you take a look at the rights of homosexuals in the United States.

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Same-sex marriages have been growing...