Same Sex Marriage

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Same Sex Relationship Discrimination ~ Shruti Ramia 10 O

In Australia, a number of couples in a same sex relationship are getting discriminated on a daily basis. Discrimination means treating someone unfairly or less favourably because they happen to belong to a particular group of people.

Same-sex couples and families are denied basic financial and work relation entitlements; they spend more money on medical expenses and are denied pensions. Even though these are examples of indirect discrimination, direct discrimination still take place such as being called "gay", being bullied (both physically and verbally), getting teased by friends or family. Discrimination should be stopped towards people based in their sexual status.


Employment is fundamental in all lives. For many people, work is their major activity outside their homes and ensures their family's financial needs.

However, workers in the same-sex relationship do not enjoy most of the same employment conditions as opposite-sex couples.

In particular, a worker in a same-sex relationship might not be guaranteed:

leave entitlements - not allowing the worker to leave to look after same-sex partner, leave to grieve a same-sex partner and parental leave to care for a newborn child.

travel entitlements - not allowing an employee to travel with his or her same-sex partner

employment allowances - to help support the employee's same-sex partner and family

workers' compensation - for an injured person who has a same-sex partner

superannuation entitlements - for an employee who has a same-sex partner

In many cases, same-sex couples are denied jobs based on their sexual status.


Same-sex couples are not eligible for a range of rebates and tax concessions available to all opposite-sex couples. This means same-sex couples may end up paying more tax than opposite-sex couples.

Furthermore, children to same-sex couples may not be recognised as children of...