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We live in a free country but we are still not able to do what we please. Most people believe that they deserve more then what the government gives. Not all citizens have been given equal rights, gays and lesbians are always being denied the rights to be together because, in the governments eyes it "not the American away". Gay and lesbians couples do everything a heterosexual do but still get denied the rights to marry even if they are great citizens. This discrimination must stop because, just like heterosexual couples, Gays and lesbians are law abiding citizens that should have the same rights.

One common problem that gay and lesbian couples have are that they don't have the right to marry their partners and once their partner passes away they can't claim their social security. The Human Rights Campaign, which work to achieve equal rights for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people, is supporting the effort to attain survivor benefits for domesticate partners.

They believe, "Any alteration to the Social Security system must include partners of gays and lesbians in its definition of survivor"(Survivor Benefits 1). Homosexual partners are not allowed to claim any benefits of their deceased, even if all working citizens heterosexual or homosexual pay into the Social Security system for survivor benefits. Sadly, this tends to leave many heterosexual couples without a retirement plan.

The ones who suffer the greatest repercussions are the children of homosexual couples. Non-biological children of homosexuals may not be able to receive survivor benefits if the deceased partner did not legally adopt them. Same-sex couples do have the right of adopting children to begin a family of their own. However, they are often rejected because of they are not married to each other. The government...