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Same-sex marriage has been around since the reign of Egypt, found in historical Egyptian artifacts. Over time, the practice began to become frowned upon, mainly due to the cause of Christianity. Stereotypes began to form, and hindered the social reputation of LGBTs. As individuals formed enormous feelings towards each other, but were of the same sex, laws were created to prevent them from the ability to marry. The United States, was once susceptible in allowing same-sex marriage to occur on their land, but as time had passed, so did the minds and ideals of its citizens. More people are beginning to support same-sex marriage, and claim others that oppose it as discriminators. Currently 30 states, as well as Washington D.C., has passed the law to make same-sex marriage legal, because legalizing it has more pros than cons. Especially in the aspects of economics. The stereotypes of LGBTs and same-sex marriage must end in order for society to grow and accept the change around them.

Politics has once corrupted the idea, but in recent years, same-sex marriage has favor in politics. Based on statistical data, a slight majority of politicians are now supportive of same-sex marriage, and campaign to provide LGBTs with equality. Public opinion states that more citizens wish to legalize the practice. Same-sex marriage should be legalized.

Formal Outline


Definition of same sex marriage

History of same sex marriage


Pros and Cons of Same Sex Marriage

Impact on society

Stereotypes of Same Sex Marriage

Religion and Politics role in stereotypes

Public Opinion

Religious Aspect

Political Aspect

Age as a factor


Same sex marriage influence on society

Benefit of legalizing same sex marriage

History of same-sex union

There are now thirty -two states, plus Washington D.C, that perform same-sex marriages; nineteen states contain constitutional bans...