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There is no doubt that in today's society, gay marriage is one of the most commonly debated subjects among Americans of all backgrounds. Those in favor of legalizing gay marriages believe it's unconstitutional to deny the rights of Americans. While advocates against gay marriage believe in permitting gays to marry would cause many conflicts to the American traditional views of marriage. In recent polls, statistics shows how Americans are shifting their views of supporting gay marriages, and are slowly accepting them into their society. In result, as more supporters of gay marriage grow, the contemporary issue would then inevitably stir up controversial interests. Many people of California believe marriage cannot be generated by any legislators or political leaders, instead it is a given to the American people to decide whom they should marry.

Legislators play a big role in same-sex marriage; their pursuit is to legalize same-sex marriage; though there are many misconceptions in making that judgment.

Legislators decide what bills to pass based on what they feel constitutes what the public wants. Many people simply see gay marriage morally wrong in the eyes of society, but they don't bother investigating why. In "Marriage for all", Assembly Dennis Moutjoy quotes "they are not normal", with "they" in reference to the gays; he strongly believed gays did not deserve any rights to marriage. If you go out into the public and ask anyone about their views on homosexuals, they'll all tell you that their in favor of equal rights for homosexuals and that they should have the same rights in housing, jobs, public accommodations, government benefits, etc. Though when gay marriage is mentioned, the moment becomes utterly cold. Why? People misunderstand the institutions of gay marriages, and in result Legislators are influenced by this common misconception. Then, Legislators would carry...