Same-Sex Marriage

Essay by spoonful March 2006

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Same-Sex Marriage Should be Allowed

A few weeks ago, the famous singer Elton John got married to a man he was dating for twelve years. Many famous people anticipated his wedding ceremony, and it was broadcaste over a worldwide hookup. Nowadays, same-sex marriage was allowed in some countries and many people understand homosexual. However, the issue of same-sex marriage is still a controversial one. Same-sex marriage rights groups insist that it is obviously love and it is also their right. Therefore, same sex-marriage should be allowed and people who do not allow same-sex marriage need to recognize good reasons of this issue.

People should recognize human diversity. It is just a stereotyped idea that marriage is traditionally a heterosexual institution. A few years ago, an entertainer is the talk of Korea because he dropped a bombshell that he had a boyfriend and he wanted to get married to his boyfriend.

This story was used by mass media as headline news, because same sex marriage is very negative issue in Korea, that attach importance to tradition, so he got fired from broadcast company. At that time, I went to high school, so my friends and I talked about the entertainer and most my classmates encourage his mind. Recently, the entertainer was chosen as one of the twenty people that have most influenced Asia. When I told to my mother about this issue, my mother said that people can marry with only heterosexual. In addition to, she also said that heterosexuality is a natural phenomenon because my mother could not understand diversity of the human.

My second point is that homosexual people have the same personal rights as heterosexual people. When I lived in Korea, there was a girl who loved another girl in my elder sister's school of her...