Same Sex Marriage

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In attempt in to justify same sex marriage, Ralph Wedgwood makes the statement that restricting marriage to same sex marriage is stripping them from equality. He believes that if opposite sex marriage is accepted then same sex marriage should also be accepted not only by law but also by society as a whole. He argues for equality to all and if it is given to the opposite sex couples then that it should be given to all couples. He furthers his argument by trying to justify such an argument by breaking down the whole idea of marriage and what it is.

In his essay "The Fundamental Argument for Same-Sex Marriage," he states that marriage is a relationship that is approved by the government as a larger than life acknowledgment of it. In this he argues that it is never stated that it necessarily does not have to constitute of a male and a female as long as the means are met.

The opposite sex couples have the right to marry each other in the most extreme circumstances but yet the same sex couples do not due to the fact that they are gay and not accepted by the society. He also adds that same sex couples such as opposite same sex marriages have the same incentive and desire in joining each other in such an act. By denying them of the right that everyone else in the country possesses, that is denying them of their equality. Theses couples have the desire to join their lives as one and continue and forever love each other as opposite sex couples due but yet are denied the right. In some cases opposites sex marriages are not even desired and plus these marriages do not last as long as expected because the U.S.