Same-sex marriage: an ethical conflict

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"We're here, we're queer, get used to it!". A recognized anthem outspoken at marches, demonstrations, parades, and advertising within most homosexual communities. "Queer" is just one, amongst many nomens used to describe a homosexual person or group. The remote past of homosexual people is a vast and captivating road that has brought us to where we are today concerning the ethics: the system of determining right from wrong, of homosexual people including rights and freedoms concerning them. Ever since the beginning of Greek homosexuality until today within our cities in the western world, the rights of homosexuals have been questioned and analyzed every year in a most controversial and confound way that have resulted in the interest of governments policies colliding with the religions of the world and a background work of demonstrations and outburst of the homosexual community. One of the dominant areas of debate is the palaver of marriage between two persons of the same gender.

In my educated opinion, I assume that the term "marriage" concerns itself with the religious ventures of sealing a relationship legitimately, therefore in this case of topic, I believe that homosexual people should be given the option of a legal union and all the rights and freedoms as all heterosexual married people, however, people of the same-sex should not be given the option to marry within a holy environment that opposes and disbeliefs in homosexuality, such as churches, mosques, and temples, etc....

Motive utilitarianism attempts to deal realistically with how human beings function psychologically. It explains that we are passionate, emotional beings that do much better with positive goals rather than negative prohibitions. This notion cannot be taken away from homosexual people as they too are included in these beliefs. A same-sex couple that have a desire to get married and bond...