Same sex marriage: What's the big deal?

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The idea of same sex marriage has been a long debated subject. Many people believe that same sex unions should not be afforded legal rights or protections based on interpretations of law, religious belief, and personal bias. The purpose of this essay will be to show that none of these arguments have their place in the world today. In our ever changing and evolving world we encounter new issues and obstacles every day. Everyone has their own life and their own responsibilities and most importantly their own way of living. By failing to accept and embrace change we break down the very ideals on which our society is founded. If homosexual people want to marry each other, let them, who cares?


1. Pass a comprehensive lesbian/gay rights bill in Congress

2. Issue a presidential executive order banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in the Federal Government, the military and federally-contracted private employment.

3. Repeal all anti-lesbian/gay laws

4. End discrimination in lesbian and gay father custody cases.

5. Protect lesbian and gay youth from any laws which are used to discriminate against, oppress and/or harass them in their homes, schools, jobs and social environments.

It is because of the beliefs on which our society was founded that everyone has this freedom. The idea was simple; allow people to make their own choices, live their own lives, believe whatever they want, and, as long as they are not directly impeding upon someone else's rights, do whatever they want. It's been a long time coming but our society has been moving in the right direction for some time. Black people are no longer enslaved. Women are afforded the right to vote. People are given equal rights under the law...