Same Sex Marriages

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It was considered a taboo to open the subject homosexuality a hundred years agoor maybe less. Nowadays homosexuals are demanding that they get the right to marryand they were able to get it in few counties. How can someone allow such a thing? Aren'twe born in two different genders in order to have relationships with the opposite genderand now the same one? If we were meant to marry from the same sex then perhaps godshould have created us a one sexed species like snails. Some countries are starting tolegalize same sex marriages, the married couple are starting to have all the rights thatapply on normal married couple such as laws for divorce and shared possessions andhealth plans and even custody over their children (mostly adopted ones) in case of adivorce, and other rights that apply on normal married couples. Adopting children byhomosexuals is starting to increase a lot; homosexuals are demanding to be viewed as anormal married family.

But these acts are being opposed by a lot of people that are afraidthat there children might turn up gay if the gay marriage spreads and becomes legal oralso because many people can't accept the idea of two men or two woman falling in love.

The reasons why the couple should not have the chance to marry and enjoy all the rightsthat other couples do is that it is immoral and threatens marriage, it is religion and the lawin most of the world, last but not least is how wrong the raising of children by a gaycouple is and the fate of the children.

Homosexuality itself is seen as something against the nature of mankind andnature itself. Humans are born into two different species in order to marry each other andraise children, that's how it is been going on from the...