Same Sex Marriages

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Marriage is about love and one's willingness to share a life's journey together, regardless of one's sexual preference. Same sex marriage has been an issue that many political parties have been trying to tackle for many years. In 2004, only a small proportion of the globe allows same sex marriage. Marriage should be about being able to unite with a person that one loves, despite their gender. Prohibiting same sex marriage is practically the same as the government choosing whom a person can be married to. Therefore, civil rights should allow same sex marriage.

People have the rights to choose who they want to marry. Homosexual couples deserve the same rights as any heterosexual couples. Just because they will not be declared husband and wife should not take away their rights to wed to someone they love. A tradition that states that only a man and woman can be married portrays a lack of acceptance.

Nevertheless, a law that states only a male and female can get married shows a lack of diversity. As a diverse society, being homosexual should be perfectly tolerable. It is acceptable to the society if people marry the opposite sex, yet it is intolerable for people to marry the same sex because they are different?

Individuals have the rights to be different because, the society encourages individuality. Nevertheless, if a gay couple was to be married they would be considered different, which would be considered against the society's perception of what is acceptable. However, today people live in a multicultural community indicating that people are accepted by different races. On the other hand, Gay and lesbian marriage should be an accepted globally. Legalizing same sex marriage encourages the society to be more opened towards differences.

Civil rights should allow people to be open minded about...