same sex schools are good for education

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Same Sex Schooling Is Best For Education.

Children are the future. Why not give that future the best possible chance it can have? There is a devil lurking around our schools slaloming between our precious children and the name of that devil is Coed Education. The way we have been going about education in the United States is wrong. Same sex education is the best way to educate the next generation by providing a tailored curriculum and keeping students focused by eliminating the distractions of the opposite sex.

Women have been unfairly treated in schools for years. Gender stereotypes have lead women to not pursue careers in the industries of math, science, and manufacturing. Same sex schooling corrects this problem. No longer would a girl feel awkward and in an AP science class or woodworking class because she would be surrounded by her fellow female peers who are in the same situation as her.

Women's colleges produce a large amount of graduates who go onto medical school or earn their doctorates in the sciences (Kaminer, 1998). There are those who say women's entering these fields has little importance to the world as a whole, but in terms of gender equality women should have the ability to pursue any career she wishes regardless of what is considered appropriate for her gender. Research also shows that women tend to develop higher self-esteem in a same sex setting as well as having higher aptitude test scores and participating in class more.

Women are not the only ones being hurt by being subjected to a coed curriculum that is not specifically set up for them. It is well known that males tend to develop at a slower rate than females, and when they are forced to adhere to a certain pace of...