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The purpose of my speech was to inform my audience of what Sammy Sosa has done for the game of baseball and the community around him. I feel that I have achieved this purpose because at the end of my speech, I had many questions that I had my audience wanted answered. As I was answering the questions, I thought to myself that I have achieved my goal of informing the audience of Sammy Sosa and what his life is all about.

My introduction attracted the attention of the audience. I started off by asking them if anyone knew who Sammy Sosa was. Everyone looked up at me when I said that, so right then and there I knew that I got the attention of the audience. My thesis statement was saying that Sammy Sosa was one of the greatest players to play the game and one of the best to watch in the game today.

My thesis statement really wasn't unclear because it was self-explanatory and everyone seemed to understand it. I established credibility by telling how Sammy Sosa grew up and got to where he was today. I also said how it was hard for him to grow up when he was a child and the things that he went through to make it to the game of baseball.

From an audience's standpoint, I thought that they understood how everything went. I told them what I was going to talk about before I started into the body of my speech.