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Here is an A paper. I have posted this as an example of what the A paper should look like. Everything about it, from the formatting, to the use of quotes and in-text citation is what I look for in a paper. Also, please note how the paper is tightly focused, with paragraphs arranged around a clear topic sentence and interesting points of analysis throughout. One final word of caution: This paper is registered with -- so no funny business.

Cindy Student

June 5, 2006

English Comp II

Professor Walsh

Social Status and Accountability

In William Faulkner's, "A Rose for Emily", Miss Emily

is able to live an unconventional life, disregarding the

laws of the land, because of her family's aristocratic

standing in the town. Her eccentric behavior culminates in

the death of her suitor and a deliberate denial by the

town. With each exception that was given to Miss Emily by

the town, her belief that she lived under a separate set of

rules was confirmed. From the tax bills that she did not

pay, to the odors that she was not required to explain, to

the rat poison she purchased without proper justification,

or the mailbox she refused to have affixed to her home,

each incident paving the way for her ultimate crime. With

the town's complicity, every event supported her perception

of autonomy.


The first unlawful act that was allowed, because of

the Grierson family status, was the tax incident. In spite

of the younger generation's desire to hold Miss Emily to

the obligations of the taxes of the town, many of the older

generation felt justified in not pursuing the point,

remembering the influence the Grierson's had on the town at

one time. Miss Emily had done nothing to deserve this...