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Develop a comprehensive marketing plan for an organisation that you are familiar with, covering;

· current marketing situation

· opportunity and issue analysis

· objectives

· marketing strategy

· action programs

· projected profit and loss statement

· controls

A marketing plan is presented with the goal of stimulating demand for the brand Australasian Share Fund Manager (ASFM), by positioning the brand as a quality offering to licensed investment advisers within Australia and New Zealand.

Research indicates that most small to medium advisers are acutely aware of the opportunities presented by the Internet for providing customer service, but lack the knowledge or motivation to develop systems to deliver their services over the Internet. ASFM is an Internet based business engaged in the provision of client portfolio management services for financial and investment advisers.

Current Marketing Situation

Individual participation in the share market has increased dramatically in recent years, from nine percent of the adult population in 1991 to almost half in 1999 (English, 2000).

This is due largely to an increasingly sophisticated and aging population, who are enjoying the benefits of compulsory superannuation savings. To meet this demand there has been a proliferation of fiercely competitive, Internet based trading systems that have redefined the way securities are traded.

However, it has become apparent that investors demand the flexibility of being able to manage their financial affairs and the security of professional independent advice from financial advisory and wealth management specialists. Australasian Share Fund Manager (ASFM) satisfies both those needs.

Business Description

Australasian Share Fund Manager (ASFM) is an Internet based investment portfolio management service, that aims to provide analytical tools that aid the investment decisions and reporting tools that satisfy the accounting and taxation requirements of investors in securities. Although the end user of this service is the...