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To:Diane West, Ashley Saliba

From:Jane Doe

Re:Ad campaign for Premier Bank of Brentwood

Date:January 23, 2003

Thank you for the opportunity of presenting this proposal for the Premier Bank of Brentwood. I know you were well down the road on making marketing decisions for the coming year when I came into the picture.

I know others in my field have had more time to prepare proposals for you. But, I also know that no communications person has the history and background of working with the top professionals at Premier Bank that I do. And, I am a deadline person and like the fact that I started behind. I am confident that we can catch up and put together a campaign that will be pleasing to your board...and more importantly that campaign will continue the growth spiral of your bank.

If I am fortunate enough to be selected to work with you, my track record of being there each and every time you have an event and simply being a regular in the bank will continue.

That is the only way I know how to operate. I will work with other clients, but your bank will always be close to my heart.

As I made plans for this proposal, I asked myself why I returned to Premier Bank, which I will always think of as Brentwood National Bank, when I came back to Middle Tennessee. The answer came quickly. In Atlanta and Winston Salem, I banked with major name institutions. Each time I went to the branch I used, I would be greeted by a bevy of new faces.

When I visited the Premier Bank for the fist time this week, I was greeted with a plethora of hugs. Within an hour, I had an account and a transition...