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Samuel Bak The picture I chose was the "Family Tree I" by Samuel Bak. Samuel Bak drew the picture in 1995, as a remembrance of the times of World War Two.

Samuel Bak was a Jewish man who was kept in concentration camps. And , he has left his remembrance of the war in his pictures so that we get a feeling of what happened.

The picture that I studied gave me a feeling that Samuel Bak was depressed and saddened. I can't really begin to imagine ho he felt knowing he was so close to death. In his picture he drew a tree growing on tope of a small house of chapel.

The left side of the tree was brunt but the right was not. The drooping leave in the tree we similar, if not, Stars of David, the symbol Hitler use to mark Jews. One of the stars on the right side of the tree was impaled by a branch on the tree.

In the back ground there was a blue sky and what looked like a ocean on the far left.

When he drew this picture I noticed that he used dark colors and made sharp lines, which, too me, makes me think he was depressed. He also seemed to use the season of fall which also makes it all the more darker looking.

Staring at the picture I tried to figure out what Samuel Bak was trying to project. I came to the conclusion, al though its probably not right, that the small building was a death house. Where they'd kill Jew by acid or some other means.

The tree on top was getting bigger with each person that was killed in that house.

The leaves on the tree were grieving family members that were not caught by Hitler's troops. The land and sky in the back ground is sanctuary land where the Jews would be free. But the could not get there because they were all stuck in the camp.

In conclusion, I figured that Mr. Samuel Bak is disturbed from all the death and suffering he had to watch. And, painting picture was how he got some of he thoughts off his mind. I feel sorry for him. Anne was also like Samuel Bak in ways. Anne Frank was also Jewish. She, in turn as well, was caught by the nazis.

She was taken to a concentration camp but was unfortunately killed by the nazis.

Anne Frank didn't leave pictures behind but she left her trusty dairy, Kitty.