Sanctions against Iraq .

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Sanctions against Iraq

Since august 1990, UN have stringent economic sanctions against Iraqi to prevent the Iraqi regime developing chemical and biological weapons to use against their neighbors.

What exactly are economic sanctions are the banning of the export or import or both of selected goods. this means Iraq cannot buy certain goods from other countries or more importantly sell certain good to other countries.

The sanctions against Iraq are a violation of basic human rights. they harm innocent people and deprive them of their fundamental human rights. Also they damage the infrastructure of the country. Finally. After all these years of damage and victims. the un has not achieved their aims therefore economic sanctions against Iraq must be lifted immediately.

let us examine more closely each of my three reasons why the sanction should be lifted. firstly, they have negatively impacted on innocent citizens. as we all know food and medicine are the most important needs for humans to survive.

but the Iraqi people don't have them because of the sanctions. children in their early infancy are the first victims of starvation. this is because of malnourishment of their mothers whose bodies just cannot produce milk. substantial diseases are caused by this malnutrition. for example. typhoid. dysentery, cancers, psychological disorders, cholera, and many other diseases, which were unknown in Iraq before the gulf crisis. as a result of that over half a million children under the age of five have died. why should mothers accept the death of their children? why do they have to put their children to sleep without dinner in their mouth? that's how economic sanctions against Iraq have negatively impacted on people.

another tragedy that the Iraqi people are facing is the damage to the infrastructure of the country. many factories and businesses...