"Sandro Botticelli" Describes Botticelli's early life, where he grew up and what it was like for him. States a few of his major works. Tells of Botticelli's influences and mentors.

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A famous Florentine painter, Sandro Botticelli was known for his many

famous paintings. Born in Florence around 1447, Botticelli was raised by his

father Mariano Filipepi, and after the completion of his schooling he was

apprenticed to a goldsmith. This is where the name Botticelli was derived from.

The Goldsmith's name was Botticelli, and as a sign of respect, Sandro took on

Botticelli as his last name.

Later, Sandro's father noticed that his brushwork was much better than his

work with the hammer, so he apprenticed him to Fra Filippo Lippi, one of the

most admired Florentine masters. It was there that Sandro learned to paint like

Fra Angelico, and flourish into a great artist. Through the influence of Verocchio

and the brothers of Pollajuolio these ideas were combined with the naturalness of

Masaccio (On of the most important painters of the 15th century; Known for his

touch with nature in his paintings, and how they seen real).

These qualities help

to explain Botticelli's great influence over later artists, who adapted his style of


Even though Botticelli's life is as great of a mystery to you as it is to me,

we do know a few things about his life. We do know that he was employed by the

Medici family, and other prominent Florentine families from 1483 to 1500. During

this time he created artwork specifically for these families, some of which is still

around today.

Although Botticelli was a great painter, he never really enjoyed many of

the luxurious amenities as the people that he worked for did. He always had a

tough time handling his expenses, and in the end, he died a man with no money.

He seemed to have certain ignorance towards his work, because he never

dated any of his artwork. This may...