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Imagination or Schizophrenia?

I like to play games; fun ones. The ones where you run around trying to get away from someone. Tag? Yeah, I like tag. My favorite game is Hide and Seek. I'm usually the one hiding; I like to hide. I like to have someone find me because then I can hide in places they'll never look. Anabelle never looks there so I always win. Anabelle is my best friend. My mom tells me to stop playing with her, but she doesn't like that very much. Sometimes she tells me to hurt my mom but I love my mom, I don't want to hurt her. I like counting numbers. She like to do that too. We usually count to 100, but sometimes I forget the numbers after 50. I have other friends too, and they're cool, I guess. But they don't like my mom either.

Sometimes I sit in my room and they all come out and play with me, but when my mom walks in they hide. They don't like being seen. I sometimes take them to school but they don't like any of my school friends. I try to introduce them to my teachers but they always look at me confused, so I stopped doing that. Sometimes I want them to go away so I can sleep, but they get mad at me, so I let them stay. They're always there. My name is Sarah, I'm 9 years old.

A child's imagination can run wild and free, exploring new adventures, and creating life-long memories. A child's imagination and creation of imaginary friends is common, and is something society sees as normal. It is usually not viewed as a bad thing. Parents may even say that a child's imagination...