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The passage occurs in Chapter six, "And how can a society of blind people organize itself in order to survive, By organizing itself, to organize oneself is, in a way, to begin to have eyes." (Pp 296) From here, Saramago's emphasis is on the organization of this group of people. The focus is on working as organized group. By organizing oneself, that will work together and help each other. This will lead them to see and to help them to live as a society for their survival.

The main discussion here is how they are going to organize themselves. First they need to have a leader. The doctor's wife is their leader because she is the only person who can see. Therefore she tells the group of the blind that, "I organize things as best I can, I am simply the eyes that the rest of you no longer possess, A kind of natural leader, a king with eyes in the land of the blind, said the old man with the black eyepatch, If this is so, then allow yourselves to be guided by my eyes so long as they last, therefore what I propose is that instead of dispersing, her in her house, you in yours, let us continue to live together," (Pp 256).

From the above passage, the doctor's wife is trying to encourage her group to count on her and to stay together. Also, what Saramago wants to express is that staying together is the beginning of having their eyes back. Contrary, if they are separated, they would not have this chance to help each other, to encourage one another and to share their feelings with each other. Staying together makes them feel stronger, gives them increased energy, and more meaning to their lives. They can...