"Sarty's Runaway Life" An essay on what happens to Sarty the boy after the end of a shorty story called Barn Burning by William Fulkner

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After Sarty ran away from his family he realized that his father said one truthful thing about him, "You're getting to be a man..." When Sarty was on his own he did not give in to his new world but instead raised his abilities to their highest level so he could survive. Sarty had always been a survivor, as well as one of the most controlled and intelligent Snopes.

He ventured to the west to find respect and a new life. His father's attribute of excessive pride ran in the family, but Sarty was not about to start off on the wrong foot. He wanted to become a man, and have a mansion like Major de Spain. He thought that any man could make his own future and earn his own respect, but he never told the truth of his background or past. He found a mentor during his sojourn west, the man of his dreams, Jesse Woodson James, the famous outlaw of the west.

Though Sarty was trying to start a new life of dignity and respect he saw James as a man who got respect everywhere he went, was well known by the ladies, and had enough money to own a mansion like Major de Spain's. Another quality that Sarty saw in Jesse was the great respect and brotherhood that Jesse had with his fellow gang members. As Sarty's father said, "You got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain't going to have any blood to stick to you". Jesse and his gang were blood and family and Sarty thought they would accept him as family and help him become a man.

Sarty arrived in town and quickly went to the salon where the James-Younger Gang was staying. He was afraid that at...