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Satire Essay: Mayor Rudolph Giuliani In the mid 1930's Germany was run by the Nazi's. The country was a police state. Police were everywhere - escorting people, putting people into groups, and putting people into jail. People were orderly finally this amazing way of running a state has had a rebirth…. Mayor Giuliani of New York City is now running New York City just like a Hitler did in Germany and it is wonderful. Today Mayor Giuliani is running New York like a Nazi would and it is keeping New York in tiptop orderly shape.

There are three distinct ways our Nazi (Giuliani) keeps New York in a well-organized Nazi like run state. First, Giuliani has put police cars (or maybe the correct wording is paramilitary SWAT cars) on every street corner. These are accompanied by large SWAT vans to house any future criminals. Second, Giuliani has smartly segregated and arrested all homeless people in New York.

Due to one disgustingly crude homeless person threw a brick at a random civilian. Third and last, Giuliani has (and may I say with due cause and legitimate reason) restricted a new and provocative art exhibit from coming to certain museums. The exhibit is lewd and way too risqué. Now in order too fully apprecitate Giuliani's Nazi like tactics in running New York City like a police state, one must look in more detail at the three examples described above.

In the first example - Giuliani's decides to put paramilitary SWAT cars, and criminal housing vans on every corner. This is absolutely wonderful; this allows Giuliani to strike fear in the heart of every New York citizen. By putting police cars at each street corner of the street and having them assembled with three different sets of sirens, lights, and guns. Giuliani institutes a "Big Brother-esque" rule over New York.

In the second example - responding to an incident where a stupidly insane homeless person threw a brick at a random pedestrian, Giuliani has decided to wipe the streets of New York clean of all homeless people. In one night our glorious leader grouped together anyone who was loitering or sleeping on the streets and arrested them all. This is exactly what Hitler did ("wipe the streets clean of the disgusting"). It is a very ingenious and useful tactic for keeping a city or society in order. Why bother oneself with the crazy homeless people? Why worry about keeping the "safe" ones when you can just throw them all away! This is an act that Hitler himself would be proud of.

In the third example - A so called "world renowned exhibit" called "Sensation" came to New York. This lewd exhibit contains lots of risqué material. One outstanding piece in this rotten exhibit is a sculpture of Sister Marry, but with a horrid twist… Marry's breasts are made of cow manure. This exhibit has with equitable cause not sat well with Mr. Giuliani, so like any logical political leader or father like figure… Giuliani has put signs all over the exhibit stating that children not accompanied by parents can not enter or look at the exhibit, and that it is controversial. Well of course he should have done that! It is a well-known fact that new and provocative art damages our minds, it sparks creativity and inspiration. We can not have that kind of behavior in our orderly society.

In conclusion the Mayor of New York City - Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has succeeded in making New York a safer city. He is finally in complete control and that is way it should be. He has now safely guarded our streets with military personal on every street corner. He has gotten rid of those disgusting individuals who ask for money because they have no jobs. And last but certainly not least he has justifiably capped our New York City of creativity. We are now creativity free! Yeah! Hooray! Yet why did he stop just there? Giuliani is on a roll. Hopefully before he resigns he will implant some handy dandy chips in our heads so that he can keep tabs on all of us and make us feel even safer in his tiptop orderly shaped society.

Lets hear it for our Big Brother - Hooray for Giuliani!