Satire: Script of the TV series 'CNNNN'

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Coming back from a commercial break.

Craig and Chris sitting behind the table

Craig on the left of camera, Chris on right

[Medium shot, showing both Craig and Chris and top of table]

Craig: (cheerfully). Welcome back to our show

Chris looks at script

Chris: And... ah yes, it's time for our top story.

Craig: It sure is Chris, and what a top story this is, the best one yet.

Chris: Yep, this following story will make our previous stories seem like a pile of rambling crap, which they were... ahem... but that's beside the point. The point is, terrorism is bad, so if you are 18 and above, join the army. It's an experience of a lifetime. You'll see the world. Travel to Iraq and if you don't get killed, you get to travel back home.

Craig stares blankly at Chris. Quick glance of scrip, then blankly at Chris again.

Craig: Yes... well, our top story; Iraqi prisoners abused, humiliated and called (high-pitched voice) mean names (normal voice) by American and British troops. We have with us a few pictures.

Shows a picture of a Iraqi Prisoner seemingly dressed in normal clothing.

Chris: (Sympathetically). Heartless, just heartless. Who would dress someone so and even to take a picture. Because with Kodak, it lasts forever, with quality and a price that can't be beat.

Craig stares blankly at Chris again.

Craig: Umm...yeah, sure. Give us a close up of this horrid picture.

Shows same picture except zoomed in onto the feet of the prisoner, revealing his socks

Craig: (Sadly). Look at that, it's just a crime against nature. Mismatched socks, dark navy blue on the right foot and black on the left.

Chris: Ugh... Take that away, I cannot bear looking at it any longer, it's just painful.

Craig: I...